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Welcome to Solar Energy of CT

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  • Federal & State Incentives
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Full Service Solar Installation In CT
Greener & More Efficient Energy Production

We believe in changing the status quo of the energy sector for homeowners in CT and southern MA. For most homeowners, solar energy offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to their ever-increasing utility bill.  With the latest Federal and State incentives, there has never been a better time than 2023 to explore the possibility of going solar in CT and southern MA. These incentives are currently slated to be eliminated by January 1, 2024, so act now for the best possible deal on solar panels and battery backup..

Break Free From Eversource

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Why CT Homeowners Should Go Solar in 2023

Transparent & Flexible Solar Options In CT

 We’re Dedicated To Building A Cleaner Future

whaT WE DO

solar panel and battery installation in ct & MA
Your dedicated Solar Consultant will:

  • Provide you with a solar plan that is designed specifically for your home.
  • Provide several options to finance, design, install, maintain and monitor your system.
  • Confirm compatibility with your roof, electrical system, and solar availability.
  • Obtain all necessary permits.
  • Our partner, Dynamic SLR, installs your new solar system on your roof and connects it to your electrical system and the grid.
  • Provide you warranties, guarantees, transfer information, and in-depth info about the benefits of reselling a solar home.
  • Serve as point person for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your solar panels or battery backup.
Roof Repair/Replacement and Tree Services
Do you have a tree/trees that interfere with solar energy production? No worries! We have fully licensed and insured tree removal experts who can trim or remove the tree(s) in question.

Is your roof too old for solar? Or maybe has some storm related damage. Our licensed and insured Roofing Contractors can repair or replace your roof in conjunction with your solar installation.

We strive to make going solar as simple and stress-free as possible for our customers.

*We provide residential solar design and installation services to homeowners in the following areas:

Connecticut: Hartford county, Middlesex county, Tolland county, New London county, Litchfield county, New Haven county, Fairfield county and Windham county

Massachusetts: Springfield, Westfield, Chicopee, Agawam, Worcester, Auburn, Dudley, and surrounding southern MA cities/towns.

Our representative was extremely polite and not pushy at all. He answered all of our questions and has made the process of going solar simple. We did not have to pay a dollar for our solar system and they gave us a free electrical upgrade that we needed.

Mark S

Cheshire CT
The Solar Consultant was very direct, upfront, honest, and delivered. The workers were professional, prompt, and detailed. I am very enthused to tell everyone I know about the solar program with their great referral program they offer.

Beth H

Middletown CT


The Recent Projects
Controling Your Energy Production
View some photos of our recent solar panel installations in CT and southern MA.



Solar Tax Credits CT: Eligibility for Solar Battery Tax Credit & Savings

Solar Tax Credits CT: Eligibility for Solar Battery Tax Credit & Savings

Learn about the solar tax credit and how it can offset the costs of your solar battery installation. Solar batteries are eligible for the tax credit in Connecticut and other states, with savings worth up to 30% of your installation costs. Contact SouthFace Solar Energy for more information about installing solar panels and batteries for your home or business.

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